February 22, 2018

Increase Sales With A OneStepCheckout Redesign for Magento 1

When our client, Simply Baby, approached us with a task to help reduce the number of customers leaving their website without placing an order, we knew that in order to enhance conversions, an improvement to their user journey would be key.

By default, the user experience when making a purchase through a Magento website is very efficient, but like all processes, it can be optimised to further enhance user experience.


The checkout page of an e-commerce website generally contains multiple steps that a customer must fulfill in order to process their order. As standard they must complete fields for the following (although not all are mandatory);

First Name
Last Name
Email Address


Before completing the following two steps which are;

Shipping Method
Payment Method


Once they have selected their payment method the user will be redirected to the payment gateway page where they can enter their card details before clicking a proceed button which will process the payment and redirect the user back to the website.

The default Magento Checkout page looks like this;


As you can see, although sufficient, there is room to improve the design and layout of this page to enhance the efficiency of the checkout process.

We identified a number of areas for improvement and set to work on a new design for this page.

The areas we identified for improvement and design implementations we made were as follows.

  • Style into a one column layout to provide a more efficient flow to the user journey.
  • Remove unnecessary fields such as fax.
  • Remove and simplify all the steps through the checkout.
  • Keep the user on the page by seamlessly integrating the Braintree payment method to give the confidence of on-site card capture fields – but they are actually held on Braintree’s servers which increases buyers confidence and is PCI compliant.
  • Make the existing user log in call to action button more prominent.
  • Reduce unnecessary distractions such as menu items in the page header.

The new checkout page, which is now live, appears as follows. I am sure you will agree that the overall design is much more user-friendly and provides the user with a more enjoyable, obstacle-free, checkout experience.


If you would like to discuss a new checkout design such as this, in order to improve checkout user experience, reduce checkout abandonment and increase website sales please contact Verve on 01743 360000.



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Mike enjoys fishing and watching football but most of his spare time is taken up pursuing various activities chosen by his daughter including soft play and tea parties.

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