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Trade Only eCommerce Website

Responsive Trade Only eCommerce Website

Trade Only eCommerce Website with a streamlined admin area

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About This Project

G&J Baby approached us in 2016 to rebuild their eCommerce website. G&J felt that their site was not maximising its full potential, and since it was not fully responsive, they felt that improvements could be made to maximise the customer experience.

To ensure that the competitive edge was maintained, we created a fully responsive 'Trade Only' Magento site. This site not only allowed G&J to manage their inventory easily, but it also provided powerful tools to improve their customer experience.

We included more user-controlled features, such as save basket, favourites and suggested products to make the entire shopping experience more customer orientated. We also provided more opportunities to control the sales flow, through features such as recommended purchases, matching products, popular lines and seasonal promotions. Finally, we streamlined the administration in order that less time was spent dealing with unnecessary tasks, and more time on customer facing activities.