Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Our Strategic Marketing capability is a niche service that complements and informs more established approaches. We believe that the more clients can understand their customers, the more effectively we can help them build strategies to maintain loyalty and retain them. Our approach looks at your company’s customer data from a fresh perspective to identify underlying opportunities.

Our team can provide detailed profiles of customers based on who they are. B2C customers will probably span a variety of age groups, have different income levels, lifestyles, characteristics and family stages. B2B customers can be equally defined by the size of the company, turnover and business activity, not to mention the different roles that individuals hold within each organisation. Using existing data, we can conduct an analysis of customer grouping and segmentation to help you identify and visualise your client base and better understand your customer behaviours.

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If we add to this a clear understanding of their value to the business (£) we can help clients target different groups with personal, timely and relevant offers that add value to the customer.

Our experience has shown that adding value to the customer will inevitably add value to the business and reduce the risk of losing them to competitors.

In conjunction with our eCommerce expertise, our strategic marketing solutions can help trade enterprises of all profiles to develop and secure their position in the market and support increased return on investment. Our strategic marketing services will also be of interest to established clients in the service sector who are looking to grow their brand.

Our experts are more than happy to advise you on how to get the most out of your online business, whether as a standalone activity or as part of a wider digital marketing package. To find out more, contact us now or call us on +44 (0) 1743 360000

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